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Discover the Charm of Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai

Nestled within the bustling city of Dubai, Maha Townhouses in Town Square offer a serene escape from the urban sprawl. Imagine a place where the excitement of the city meets the tranquility of suburban living – that’s exactly what you get at Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai. It’s a neighborhood that’s capturing the hearts of families and individuals alike with its blend of comfort, style, and convenience.

A Prime Location with Ultimate Convenience

Maha Townhouses are not just homes; they’re gateways to a vibrant lifestyle. Located within the splendid Town Square community, these townhouses bridge the gap between peaceful suburban living and the lively pulse of Dubai. Here’s what makes Maha Townhouses stand out:

  • Proximity to Downtown Dubai: Just a short drive away, you’re never too far from the city’s sparkling skyline and cosmopolitan attractions.
  • Access to Amenities: With schools, hospitals, and shopping complexes close by, everything you need is on your doorstep.
  • Outdoor Activities: The community boasts lush parks, cycling tracks, and a host of sports facilities for the active soul.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: Safe streets and vibrant playgrounds make this an ideal setting for families.

Every corner of Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai is designed keeping your convenience and lifestyle in mind, ensuring you’re close to where you need to be while living the life you want.

Homes That Reflect Your Style

Maha Townhouses at Town Square – Dubai are more than just structures; they are chic canvases waiting for your personal touch. Here’s how these townhouses cater to diverse styles and preferences:

  • Modern Aesthetics: Contemporary designs coupled with high-quality finishes give these townhouses a sleek and modern feel.
  • Flexible Spaces: Adaptable rooms can transform from cozy lounges to vibrant entertainment zones or tranquil home offices.
  • Community Living: Open layouts and shared spaces promote a sense of community, perfect for social butterflies.
  • Personalization: The option to customize interiors means your home can reflect your unique style and personality.

Living in a Maha Townhouse is an experience that molds itself to you, offering a perfect backdrop to the life you choose to lead.

A Smart Investment for Today and Tomorrow

Opting for a home in Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai is more than a lifestyle choice; it’s a savvy financial move. Here are some points highlighting the investment potential:

  • Growing Demand for Suburban Homes: With more people seeking a balance between city and suburban life, these homes are increasingly in demand.
  • Attractive Returns: The strategic location and quality of life offered translate into potential for attractive rental yields and property value appreciation.
  • Future Developments: Being part of a growing area means ongoing infrastructure and community developments that can elevate property values over time.
  • Lifestyle Perks: The blend of convenience and lifestyle advantages makes these townhouses appealing to both residents and investors alike.

Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai represent not just a home, but a smart investment in the future, ensuring that your decision today will reap benefits for years to come.

In summary, Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai, offer a slice of paradise for anyone seeking a blend of urban excitement and suburban tranquility. With their prime location, stylish homes, and promising investment potential, these townhouses are quickly becoming one of Dubai’s most sought-after residential gems. Whether for living or investing, Maha Townhouses beckon with open doors to a world of possibilities.

Developer Name: Nshama

Delivery Date: Q2 2025

For Brochure: Click here


Maha Townhouses by Nshama

The elegant Maha Townhouses, a distinguished new addition to Town Square Dubai, are now available. This exquisite residential property, developed by Nshama, provides an extraordinary combination of elegant 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses intended to appeal to modern families seeking an unrivaled quality of life.

Prime Location and Unmatched Connectivity

Maha Townhouses, located in the heart of Town Square Dubai, is in a strategic position that provides easy access to the city’s leading attractions and monuments. This prime location’s key features include:

  • Simple access to main roads and public transit
  • Proximity to shopping malls, retail outlets, and dining options
  • Access to reputed schools, hospitals, and other essential amenities
  • Only minutes from international airports and business centers

Unrivaled Features and World-Class Amenities

Maha Townhouses is intended to provide its inhabitants with an exceptional range of amenities and services, assuring a pleasant and affluent existence. Among the notable aspects of this advancement are:

  • Carousel
  • Water splash pad
  • Kids train
  • Retail outlets
  • Kids play area
  • Events
  • Kids fountain
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Boutique hotels

A Diverse Selection of Housing Options

Maha Townhouses has a diverse choice of townhouse alternatives to suit individual tastes and family needs. The following unit types and sizes are available:

Unit Type

Size (sqft)

  • 3 Bedroom Townhouse


  • 3 Bedroom Townhouse


  • 4 Bedroom Townhouse


  • 4 Bedroom Townhouse


Experience Magnificent Living at Maha Townhouses

Maha Townhouses is more than simply a housing complex; it embodies elegance and a modern lifestyle. With its cutting-edge facilities, prime location, and numerous housing options, this project provides residents with an unrivaled living experience.

At Maha Townhouses, you’ll discover a world of unrivaled elegance and convenience, where every area of your life is attended to with the highest care and attention. Don’t pass up the chance to make this renowned address your new address.

Project Details

Project Status: Under Construction

Expected Delivery Date: Q2 2025


3 Beds
Type 3A 2149 Floor Plan Download
Type 3B 2041 Floor Plan Download
4 Beds
Type 4A 2321 Floor Plan Download
Type 4B 2264 Floor Plan Download


  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Covered Parking
  • Landscaped Parks
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Community Park
  • Children’s Playground
  • Shopping Areas
  • Retail shops – outlets

Sold history for Maha Townhouses

Type AED Area (sqft) Date sold
3 bed villa 1,935,000 1,873 30 Nov 2023
4 bed villa 2,415,888 2,812 7 Jul 2023

Top 5 Off-Plan Projects in Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai

Project Name Average Price Transactions Last 1 Month Transactions Last 3 Months Transactions Last 6 Months
TOWN SQUARE ZAHRA 1,050,302 0 39 106
RAWDA APARTMENTS 1,101,863 0 26 60
TOWN SQUARE HAYAT 1,789,978 0 20 55
HAYAT BOULEVARD 990,623 0 17 48

The table displays information regarding the top 5 off-plan projects in Maha Townhouses, situated in Town Square, Dubai. Key details including the average price of properties in these projects, along with the number of transactions that occurred over the last 1, 3, and 6 months are included. It acts as a revealing snapshot of real estate activity and investor interest in these specific projects within a set timeframe.

Top 5 Schools Nearby Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai

Location Distance
Bright Riders School Dubai 12 ‘KM’
Nord Anglia International School Dubai 9 ‘KM’
Greenfield International School 11 ‘KM’
JSS International School 11 ‘KM’
Pristine Private School – Main Campus 33 ‘KM’

Top 5 Hospitals Nearby Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai

Location Distance
Dubai Healthcare City Center 26 ‘KM’
Medcare Medical Centre, Town Square Dubai 0 ‘KM’
Al Zahra Hospital Dubai 16 ‘KM’
Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital 19 ‘KM’
NMC Royal Hospital, DIP 14 ‘KM’

Top 5 Trending Restaurants Nearby Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai

Location Distance
ARZETNA Restaurant Town Square
On The Wood Express – Town Square 0 ‘KM’
Oregano restaurants, Town square 0 ‘KM’
Mantra Restaurant 0 ‘KM’
Food Circles 0 ‘KM’

Top 5 Parks Nearby Maha Townhouses, Town Square – Dubai

Location Distance
Town Square Park 0 ‘KM’
Zahra Townhouses Park 0 ‘KM’
D3 Park 21 ‘KM’
Town Square Recreational Park 1 ‘KM’

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  1. What amenities are available at Maha Townhouses in Town Square, Dubai?
    Maha Townhouses in Town Square, Dubai offers a variety of amenities to residents, including access to swimming pools, parks, fitness centers, and dedicated children’s play areas. The community features retail stores, dining options, and healthcare facilities for convenience. Additionally, the development includes cycling and jogging tracks, as well as sports courts to cater to an active lifestyle.

  2. Are there any schools near Maha Townhouses, Town Square?
    Yes, there are several educational institutions in proximity to Maha Townhouses. Families can find a range of schools and nurseries, such as Fairgreen International School and Jebel Ali School, within a short drive from the community. These schools offer various curricula to cater to the diverse resident population.

  3. How is the public transportation access in Town Square near Maha Townhouses?
    Public transportation options around Maha Townhouses are evolving, with bus services gradually improving in the area. Residents can access taxis and ride-hailing services like Uber and Careem conveniently. Additionally, future transportation plans include increasing connectivity through expanded bus routes and potentially new metro connections.

  4. Can you find grocery stores and shopping centers near Maha Townhouses, Town Square?
    Yes, residents of Maha Townhouses can easily access a variety of grocery stores and shopping centers. The Town Square community itself features a central retail area with shops and supermarkets, such as Spinneys and Carrefour. For a larger shopping experience, the nearby communities like Al Qudra and Arabian Ranches offer additional options.

  5. What types of floor plans are available in Maha Townhouses?
    Maha Townhouses offer different floor plans to accommodate various family sizes and preferences. The development primarily offers three and four-bedroom townhouses, each designed with a focus on maximizing space and providing a comfortable living experience. The floor plans typically include spacious living areas, modern kitchens, and private gardens or terraces.

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