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In November 2019, Emaar Properties unveiled a master development that provides residential facilities within a self-sufficient community, named The Valley. This project is situated on the periphery of Dubai, offering a peaceful retreat from the mainland’s hustle and bustle. It is located along the Dubai – Al Ain Road (E66), a crucial motorway that links Sharjah and Dubai.




Emaar Properties


Neighbourhood away from the mainland, yet close to key areas

Residential Options

Offers 3 to 5-bedroom villas and townhouses in various clusters

Community Amenities

Home to a town centre, pocket park, and a sports village

Amenities in The Valley:

  • The Valley spans over 61,000 sqm area.
  • It features a 30,000 sqm Golden Beach.
  • There’s a 10,000 sqm Kids Dale for children’s activities.
  • A 20,000 sqm Sports Village caters to various sports activities.
  • The Valley also includes a 3,000 sqm Pocket Park.
  • A 32,000 sqm Town Centre is present for shopping and other services.


The Valley stands as a prestigious residential enclave by Emaar Properties, showcasing luxurious living. Positioned near Dubailand and Expo 2020, this self-contained community boasts a plethora of facilities. A brief stroll from the dwellings leads to The Pavilion, a bespoke retail hub offering shops and essential services.

Furthermore, the community is set to feature a 32,000 sq. m. Town Centre, encompassing both indoor and outdoor shopping areas, a farmers’ market, and a variety of dining venues. With its expansive green spaces, sports facilities, and playgrounds, The Valley offers an ideal setting for families seeking a blend of green and healthy lifestyles.


Here are some of the amenities that you can typically find inside a community like The Valley:

  • Parks and Green Spaces: These provide residents with areas to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Paved Trail Systems: These are great for walking, jogging, biking, etc.
  • Main Street Village Centers: These often include retail services and cafes for gathering and socializing.
  • Outdoor, Resort-Style Pools: These provide a place for residents to cool off and relax.
  • Exercise Rooms and Equipment: These facilities help residents maintain their physical health.
  • Natural (Unpaved) Trail Systems: These are perfect for hiking and walking.


The Valley’s masterplan encompasses contemporary villa communities and townhouse complexes, all set amidst verdant landscapes. This community is equipped with lifestyle amenities, educational facilities, healthcare services, leisure options, and recreational amenities, all situated within a scenic environment.

Emaar’s comprehensive plan for The Valley in Dubai highlights vast outdoor areas. It includes jogging paths, parks, playgrounds, and splash parks. Additionally, the development will host a Kids’ Dale, covering 10,000 sq. m., adjacent to an archaeological site and an amphitheatre. Residents will also have access to a 20,000 sq. m. Sports Village, complete with cycling tracks, a community gym, and various sports courts.

For those who appreciate living in harmony with nature and seek spaces for yoga and meditation, The Valley offers The Zen and Oasis Garden. This tranquil spot features an observation tower and a labyrinth.


Properties for sale in The Valley Dubai present valuable investment prospects, anticipated to yield a higher return on investment (ROI).




3 to 4-bed villas


3 to 4-bed townhouses


3 to 4-bed townhouses

Orania at The Valley

3 to 4-bed townhouses

The Farm Gardens

4 to 5-bed villas


3 to 4-bed townhouses


3 to 5-bed twin villas


3 to 4-bed townhouses


3 to 5-bed twin villas

Investors and accommodation seekers have a selection of 3 to 5-bedroom villas and townhouses to choose from, with total covered areas spanning from 1,988 sq. ft. to 2,311 sq. ft. These homes are distributed across nine communities, with some already completed and others still under development.

Townhouses for Sale in The Valley

Investors have the opportunity to purchase townhouses with prices beginning at AED 1.6 million. This price point covers 3-bedroom townhouses in The Valley, offering approximately 1,988 sq. ft. of space, inclusive of 3 large bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a contemporary kitchen, and generous outdoor areas. Likewise, the starting sale price for 4-bedroom townhouses in The Valley is from AED 1.8 million.

Townhouse Type

Average Sale Price in AED






Discover the most sought-after communities in The Valley by Emaar, where luxury living meets serene landscapes.


The inaugural phase, Eden, within The Valley was completed in 2023. It offers villas in 3 and 4-bedroom configurations. The properties are categorised into three clusters – Spruce, May Bell, and Iris – each embodying minimalist design with expansive outdoor spaces and parking. These villas are seamlessly integrated with the community’s parks and playgrounds.


Nara presents a collection of 3 to 4-bedroom townhouses, available in three distinct architectural styles: Aston, Palma, and Charm.


Talia showcases 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses, featuring three architectural styles: Pharo, Cyrus, and Elio.


Orania at The Valley offers a selection of 3 and 4-bedroom homes, available in two styles: Bold and Sleek.


The Farm Gardens provide 4 and 5-bedroom villas in two architectural styles: Horizon and Earth.


Elora features 3 and 4-bedroom homes, with two architectural style options: Moon and Mysk.


Rivana offers 3 to 5-bedroom twin villas, with prices starting from AED 2.8 million, and a choice between two architectural themes: Kai and Clara.

In conclusion, The Valley offers a variety of townhouses that cater to different needs and preferences. These properties are nestled in a community that is rich in amenities, providing a holistic living experience. From parks and green spaces to exercise rooms and trail systems, residents have access to a range of facilities that enhance their lifestyle. However, specifics can vary, so it’s always a good idea to check with the property dealer or the official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to invest, The Valley presents a promising opportunity.


The Valley offers a variety of townhouses that cater to different needs and preferences. The specifics can vary, so it’s best to check with the property dealer or the official website.

The Valley community is rich in amenities, including parks, trail systems, village centers, pools, and exercise rooms. However, the actual amenities can vary.

The prices of townhouses in The Valley can vary depending on the location, size, and other factors. For the most accurate information, it’s best to check with the property dealer or the official website.

You can purchase a townhouse in The Valley through a property dealer or directly from the official website. It’s recommended to consult with a real estate professional for guidance.

Most communities like The Valley have certain rules and restrictions to ensure a harmonious living environment. These can relate to pets, noise levels, parking, etc. It’s best to check with the property dealer or the official website for specific information.

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